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SIOP Component #6: Practice and Application

SIOP Component:  Practice and Application

SIOP or Sheltered Instructional Observation Protocol is a teaching framework that has been around since the 80s.  While it began as a tool to support English learners, educators quickly realized how all students benefited from SIOP.

The halmark of SIOP is its attention to how students interact with the content, the language, and with one another.

Throughout the 8 components of SIOP and its 30 features is evidence of the importance of these interactions.  You can view an example of this in SIOP Component:  Lesson Preparation.

In the 6th SIOP Component, Practice & Application, this connection is also clearly evident.

In this component of SIOP, teachers consider what how students will practice and apply critical content and language from the lesson.  The Practice & Application component of SIOP also suggests that teachers look for ways to use hands-on materials as a means of interacting with the content and language.

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