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Student to Student Interaction and SIOP

SIOP and Student to Student Interaction
SIOP (Sheltered Instructional Observation Protocol) is a framework used by K-12 teachers to make sure they are meeting the needs of all students in their classroom, especially the English learners.

The 8 components of the SIOP framework cover everything from lesson preparation, to reviewing the lesson you taught.  Each component is further broken down into more measurable features like giving clear instructions or engaging students 90-100% of the time.  In all, there are 30 features in the SIOP framework.

There are a number of things that make the SIOP framework unique.  First is its consistent and persistent attention to language.  Present in almost all of the components is one or more mentions of this important aspect of learning.  Secondly, SIOP encourages teachers to get students to interact with one another in meaningful ways.

(For an informative post on SIOP, look here).
Let's look at the fifth component of the SIOP framework:  Interacti…

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